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Singer-songwriter, connoisseur of 90's nostalgia and dope music.

I Was Raped By Someone Famous and Kept it a Secret

It’s a secret I’m plagued by each time a new headline arrives; another woman has come forward with accusations of being sexually assaulted by someone famous. The resounding cries heard from around the world are not necessarily from other victims who sympathize… those are done quietly. The cries are from people who don’t understand and don’t believe, those who feel that a woman would have to be lying to have been quiet for all those years, or to have willingly met the man in close quarters, or to simply not remember every moment and detail as her life unraveled.

“Nothing Comes Easy”

Summer into Fall of 2009. The only reason I can even remember the date this all happened is thanks to the copyright information on the album that the rapper had released, a souvenir sitting next to me as I write this. I sequenced that album for him; he had me choose the order the songs would appear on the project. No one knows I was the only reason the “Outro” even made it onto the album, and only a few people know the events that led up to me doing that.

It was all about MySpace, and as an aspiring professional artist I was told I’d need to get a MySpace Music page to garner attention for the only song I had finished. I subscribed to blogs from industry veterans I admired and was sure to abide to the mantra, “Be ready to go anywhere at any time to make your dreams come true… You never know where opportunity may lead.”

On a whim, I sent a message to a rapper, let’s call him “Ryan”, who’s music I’d been a fan of for some time. To my astonishment, he responded and even threw in a compliment about the song I had posted. I couldn’t believe I was speaking to him, it seemed surreal. I had just embarked on a journey to become a singer and songwriter with the big wigs, and yet I didn’t know how I’d get into those rooms with the people who I thought would help make meimportant. Getting just a response from Ryan felt like, 1. I’d cracked some sort of code, and 2. MySpace is AWESOME!

“Gotta Believe It”

Even though he seemed genuinely impressed with the song I had on my page, I knew I had been working on better songs and wanted him to know I was steadily improving. I continued to converse with him, asking him about his unreleased album when he dropped a bomb on me.

“You should come listen to it… the album, I’ll play it for you.” he said...

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