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Singer-songwriter, connoisseur of 90's nostalgia and dope music.

I Was Raped By Someone Famous and Kept it a Secret

...On a whim, I sent a message to a rapper, let’s call him “Ryan”, who’s music I’d been a fan of for some time. To my astonishment, he responded and even threw in a compliment about the song I had posted. I couldn’t believe I was speaking to him, it seemed surreal. I had just embarked on a journey to become a singer and songwriter with the big wigs, and yet I didn’t know how I’d get into those rooms with the people who I thought would help make meimportant. Getting just a response from Ryan felt like, 1. I’d cracked some sort of code, and 2. MySpace is AWESOME!

“Gotta Believe It”

Even though he seemed genuinely impressed with the song I had on my page, I knew I had been working on better songs and wanted him to know I was steadily improving. I continued to converse with him, asking him about his unreleased album when he dropped a bomb on me.

“You should come listen to it… the album, I’ll play it for you.” he said...

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